June 06, 2015


Yesterday after work I went to Good Will. Thrifting has always been a hobby of mine. The thrill of looking through everything on the shelves, never knowing what you're going to find makes me so excited. All of this stuff is what I brought home from my trip yesterday. 

Coffee mugs and clothes are my thrifting weakness. I always browse through the clothes and even though I know I shouldn't because my cabinet is way too full already, I always make a stop at housewares. The ribbon & the rubber stamp I think will be an awesome addition for mini books or any other scrapbooking I might do in the future. And that rolling pin is to help make me accomplish #14 on my birthday list, bake some bread. The picture frame I just thought was cute, and so it came home with me because having frames around will actually make me print more photos, right?! I can't wait for fall to wear that cardigan & shirt together. 

Thrifting makes my soul (and the bargain hunter in me) so so happy. 

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