July 14, 2015

currently, july edition

knitting yep, you guessed it, the stash yarn blanket

drinking coffee at 1230 pm (no big deal)

sweating my butt off because nothing we do cools down our apartment

wondering how we survived the heat last summer

waiting for pictures I ordered to arrive in the mail

wanting to do nothing but work on my summer book

listening to a love of love songs lately, trying to come up with our first dance song

sleeping in later than I probably should be (but today's my Saturday!)

hunting for a good size, relatively good looking coffee table that won't break the bank

mourning the loss of our $10 microwave we've had since we moved into this apartment 

celebrating the fact that, as of the beginning of the month, we can drive on our street again!

making my water fight goal a reality today

wishing you all a happy Tuesday :)

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