July 02, 2015

gratitude list

I am so grateful for... 

Black coffee, knitting, sunshine, art journaling, the power of self expression, love, hope, trust, happiness, forgiveness, magic, slow mornings, books, golden hour, sunsets, summer, art, long walks, setting goals, quotes said by inspiring people, good news, friendship, family, Instagram, sparkle, cozy sweatshirts, clean laundry, ice cream, that I can walk to work every day, flickr and the community I used to be a part of, 365 challenges, photography, scrapbooking, good eyeliner days, bold lipstick, blogging, sleep, lazy days, hb. Monday morning emails, elise gets crafty podcast, inspiration, creativity, funny youtubers, singing along to my favourite song, driving with the windows down, light parties, good smelling lotion, candles, art supplies, peace. 

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