August 10, 2015

magic monday

Monday again. Today I'm pretty damn thankful for progress, because I have 9 more rows to knit before I'm done with this grey section on my blanket. I'm thankful for closeness, because Justin and I started writing letters to each other again. I'm thankful for change, because I dyed my hair bright red again so that maybe it'll be a little toned down for the wedding. I'm thankful for grace, because it teaches me so much. And I'm thankful for Hannah Brencher, for sending this quote to my inbox this morning: "Don’t avoid being messy and human. Don’t put a filter on everything and claim you’re okay when you’re not. No one is gonna fault you if you don’t sieze Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. You take on the amount of weight you can and ask friends to surround you and help carry the rest. Grace is like sunscreen-- you have to apply it regularly and sometimes you need someone to help you with the hard to reach places."

Today, I'm happy that I get to start all over. Happy Monday friends. 

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