October 02, 2015

a new angel

March 5, 1932 - October 2, 2015

Dear Grandma,

I miss you more than I can say already. When I saw you on Wednesday night, the last thing I said to you was that I love you and told you to be good, be nice to your nurses like you were nice to me. You gave me a big hug and said you love me too but you couldn't make any promises about being good and staying out of trouble. 

I don't know how to live without you. I do not know how to live in a world where you don't exist. I bet you have your fishing cap on and you're sitting on a dock with grandpa right about now. You two have a lot of catching up to do. I know you're in a better place now than you ever could have been here with us, but I still miss you. 

Mom thinks that you waited for me to come home before you went. Like you somehow knew that I was coming and held on just for me. I will always be thankful for that, grandma. I will always cherish those final two days that I got to spend with you. 

I love you, Grandma. I miss you. I'm happy—so, so happy—that you're no longer in pain. Say hi to grandpa for us. I love you so much. 

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