November 28, 2015

currently, november edition

enjoying all the daylight hours I can lately

busting out the peppermint mocha coffee creamer... 'tis the season!

waking up really early these days, which means I'm...

drinking a lot of coffee to keep me awake

eating Milano candy cane cookies

craving all the peppermint things lately

filling up my gas tank for $20(!!!)

trying to learn how to purl

brainstorming documentation ideas for 2016

putting together a calendar for all of my "Happy (month)" photos I've taken this year

missing my grandma like crazy this time of year

savoring all of her traditions we can still do without her

working like crazy this weekend

thanking my lucky stars I don't work in retail anymore ;)

finishing my cup of coffee and then...

rushing out the door to get to work! happy Saturday  

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