November 11, 2015

the rainbow blanket

It's done. It took approximately 7 months and 3 days for me to knit, cast on through cast off. My goal was to accomplish part of #1 on my birthday list: use up all my yarn stash. While I am not even close to accomplishing that goal, this got me in a better place than I started this year. 

This blanket saw me through the first half of my engagement, and it saw me get engaged in the first place. I drank coffee on the balcony and listened to podcasts while I knit all summer. I worked on it when my grandma was in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. I worked on it when I was down in Burlington for her funeral, needles clacking together to keep my mind off the all-encompassing grief. 

A lot of love has gone into this blanket. A lot of love and a lot of stitching hours and a lot of hand cramps and more than one coffee stain. I always envisioned this being a "back of the couch" blanket and I'm so excited for that to finally happen. 

Last night as I was taking pictures for this post, I sat down by the lake to watch the last of the sunset. It was the perfect way to break this blanket in, I think. Now I need to come up with another knitting project! 

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