December 17, 2015


I'm looking through Elise's archives, all the way back to the college days, and I am ridiculously inspired to photograph everything and play with paper and make a mess all at the same time. 

I am missing my people and counting down the days until I go home for Christmas. 

I received a call yesterday from the hospice group that took care of my grandma in her last weeks. They wanted to know how I am doing. Things kind of suck right now, because the holidays suck without her, but their compassion and caring struck a chord deep in my heart. 

It's cold again. Feels like December now, instead of early March or November. Still no snow in the forecast for Christmas, but I'll take it anyway. The less time I spend brushing snow & scraping ice off my car this winter, the better. ;)

Time to finish my coffee & get ready for work. Happy almost weekend!

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