January 01, 2016

one little word 2016: CHOOSE

 is the word this year. My word. I saw this post on tumblr (read it until the end, I promise it's worth it) and it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

 "Is love a feeling? Or is it a choice?"

It's a choice, 100%. It's one choice in the thousands of choices we make every day. This year, my goal is to choose every day. Choose love, choose peace, choose family & home. Choose my battles, both professionally and personally. 

This year: I want to strengthen my photography business, aka get it back up off the ground again where it's been for the last three years. I want to get my butt back in therapy and conquer my demons (and that means I need to tackle the overwhelming task of hoop jumping that comes with getting health insurance). I want to find an exercise regimen that works for me. I want to have more dance parties. I want to live a better life. 

I choose choose. 2016, show us what you're made of. 

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