March 17, 2016

currently, march edition

watching grey's anatomy so I'm caught up for the new episode tonight

drinking coconut creamer with my coffee... tastes like summer

using snapchat like a crazy person (@annagutermuth)

loving my new phone! I upgraded to an iPhone 6s from a 4s this week and I can't get over the upgrade in quality

also questioning how I used the 4s for two years because it's so small compared to the 6s

craving java chip from Adrian's and

celebrating that they opened last week 

shaking my head that I haven't worked there in 3 years and can still tell you they open on the second Friday in March & always open with butter pecan ;)

counting down the days to my birthday & the start of a 5 day vacation

cuddling with my new "velcro baby" aka the Mew cat who has decided not to leave me alone ever

catching up on deadliest catch before the new season starts on the 29th

brainstorming an idea for a new knit blanket

missing my best friend more than words can say

enjoying my Thursday... I hope y'all are too!

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