April 30, 2016

dear saturday

Dear Saturday,

You were the day I wanted to quit right from the get go. You were the 9 hour work day with a 4 AM wake up call. You were wet socks and cat hair all over my all black uniform. You were a 6:45 breakfast rush and being go-go-go until 11 o' clock. You were the credit cards going down at 20 minutes to changeover. (AND running out of biscuits made for even grumpier customers.) You were the bill for Justin's surgery coming in the mail—and not getting approved for their chosen payment plan program.

You were a lot of bad things, Saturday. A lot of stress and some tears and definitely not. enough. coffee. 

Your high points today were:

5:30 AM: I looked out the window at work and saw this gorgeous sunrise. 

2:30 PM: I got to put sweat pants on and attempt to relax. 

3:45 PM: Remembered I had leftover Dairy Queen in the freezer. (Ice cream really does solve everything)

Life is all about taking it one day at a time. An hour or a minute at a time if you need to. Thank you, Saturday, for reminding me of that. 

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