April 18, 2016

weekend recap

This weekend was... Driving 3 hours south on Saturday morning to go see my favourite people. My mom took me to get my first ever pedicure for my birthday present. Then we went down the road to my favorite pizza place in the whole world—Next Door Pub. We both got their new flatbread pizzas and our minds were blown. Hands down, best pizza ever. 

It was watching a pretty sunset from my childhood backyard and drinking wine in the kitchen with my person, my soulmate, my best friend in the entire world. We read PostSecret and exclaimed "Frank's not a douche!" when the notification popped up from bloglovin'. It was quiet girl talk in the spare bedroom, not a far cry from sleepovers in my bedroom during high school. 

It was my mom making coffee and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I went in the backyard to take a picture of my coffee, a familiar habit from my adult life carried over into my childhood home.  We buried Bubba on the hillside next to his brother, Buddy Sr. I grieved again for my lost "brother." It was spending 20 minutes at Kohls looking for a pair of sandals that were cute but wouldn't break the bank.

It was driving to see my dad and spending time in the garage. We took the Monte for a drive into Milwaukee so my dad could a) show me where he works, and b) switch out the steering wheel for a different one he bought from eBay. Spending time in the garage with my dad, sitting in whichever car he's working on and asking him, "What are you doing? What does that part do? Why does that have to go there?" was a big part of my childhood. Sitting in the passenger seat holding screws and grabbing sockets for him was like deja vu in the best way. 

It was spending time with my extended family. When I went over to my aunt and uncles, they were cutting up potatoes for dinner, and we caught up on what's been happening to everyone since Christmas when I was home last. It was walking home from their house and appreciating the golden hour sunlight & 75 degree weather. It was cutting daffodils from my grandmas garden and taking them to her grave so she would get to experience them this year too. 

It was sitting in the grass at the cemetery, trying not to cry, watching the sun sink back behind the tree line. A warm breeze ruffled my hair and for a moment, I felt my grandma with me. It was like she sat down next to me and said, "Happy Spring. Thank you. I love you too."

It was going to Adrian's and seeing Betty. Going home during the off season kills me because my Adrian's fam still means so much to me and I always love when I get to stop by and say hi. (And hoard quarts of my fav flavors!) Afterwards, I drove around and saw the first pink tree of the season. My love for them is never ending, and I'm so happy their season is finally here. 

This weekend was, in short, amazing. 

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