May 25, 2016

dear justin,

I love the way you notice when knitting gets brought up in tv shows because it reminds you of me. 

I love that you usually let me get my way. Like if it's raining and my car windows are down and I'm lazy (which is a lot) you grab my keys and roll my windows up the next time you get up. 

I love when you leave a pile of cigarettes by my work stuff so I don't have to make them when I wake up. 

I love being at work when you're there, because it doesn't feel like work. 

I love that you got me into Deadliest Catch and that now Tuesday nights are tied with Thursday nights in the spring for the best TV. 

I love scrolling through On Demand when we're bored. More often than not we end up watching The Simpsons and I scroll through Instagram while you play Forge of Empires. 

I love how you always know just what to say to calm me down when I have the freak out to end all freak outs. 

I love that you automatically go for the back rub when I'm sick or upset. 

I love how gentle you are with the cats. It makes me excited to see how good of a dad you'll be someday. 

I love that you make fun of my awkwardness and I make fun of your forgetfulness. 

I love belly laughing with you over something stupid. 

I love doing life with you, and I can't wait to spend the rest of forever together.  

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