May 15, 2016

easy like sunday morning

When I worked at the studio, I would always drink coffee in bed and listen to Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 while I read PostSecret. I gave myself an hour before I had to get ready for work to chill and wake up before I started my more-often-than-not hectic workday. It was my emotional solace before getting verbally abused by parents who weren't happy with their crying child's photos. 

(And between you & me, Blogland, I NEVER want to go back to that ever ever EVER AGAIN.)

These days, my Sunday mornings look a lot different. I don't (usually) get to have a lazy Sunday morning like everyone on Instagram. I'm up before the sun to open the store I work at where I serve the people who get to have lazy Sunday's. 

I get up at 4 AM. My first alarm goes off at 3:30 and it's a hit or miss as to whether or not I get up on the first try. I still read PostSecret every Sunday morning, but more often than not my blog reading is accompanied by half a can of Dr. Pepper instead of my good friend coffee. I put my hair up, make cigarettes, get dressed and I'm out the door. But I always make sure to give myself at least half an hour of "alone time" every morning. 

Work today didn't go terrible (surprise, surprise for a Sunday) and the light this morning was good. I love morning so much. 

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