May 19, 2016

the great hair crisis 2k16

I need a haircut. Badly. 

The last time I got a hair cut was three years ago in August. I cut my hair myself with kitchen scissors in the room Justin and I shared in his parents house. It was crooked and horrible and I never got it evened out. 

A couple of months ago, I got the crazy idea to go blonde. My natural hair color is dirty blonde. I haven't dyed my hair since early August 2015. But I have almost 5 years of shitty red box dye to color over and not a lot of money to do so. The cheapskate in me wants to just let it grow and get it chopped, but the impatient side of me wants instantaneous results. 

I'm stuck. I almost wanna go buy a box of Color Oops BUT I also don't want my hair to brassy and damaged forever because of it. 

So... Hair crisis. Gotta love it. Have you went from red to blonde before? Share your story! 

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