May 31, 2016

we'll get there

My motto for this year has been "We'll get there."

Not being able to find an apartment that allows cats AND is close to work. We'll get there. 

Had to cancel Justin's surgery because we couldn't come up with the money. We'll get there. 

Stepped on my glasses and a lens fell out and now I really can't put off getting new ones. We'll get there. 

Remember that we're engaged and all of our previous wedding plans fell through because my grandma died the day after the date we wanted. We'll get there. 

All of this to say... I had an anxiety attack this morning. I had to go to work after breakfast to start counting for End Of Month tomorrow and I couldn't find my glasses. Justin helped me move furniture because I couldn't find them and they were in the chair the whole time. 

At first I was anxious because I couldn't find my glasses. After we found them, I became anxious because we found them in such an obvious spot. I realized once again "Hey! I need help dealing with this!" And I thought, "Like everything else, we'll get there."

I cried for 5 minutes in my car and then went to work and pretended like nothing ever happened. I needed a moment of peace today and that came in the form of iced coffee and sitting in the sun. Therapy would be awesome right now, but I'm happy I've also developed my own coping methods. 

We'll get there. Eventually. (And you will too!)

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