June 08, 2016

national best friend day

2010 vs 2014


You are my person. I don't need a "national holiday" to tell you that. We have ten years of friendship under our belt and you literally know me better than anyone in the whole world. 

On Saturday night you texted me, "I've been thinking a lot lately about how lucky i am to have someone to send literally ANY little thought to and it wont be percieved as stupid. No one for the whole entire rest of my life will ever come close to knowing me and my tendencies as well or understanding me as well as you."

Ditto, babycakes. Always. 

Ten years of friendship has taught me one thing: you are my constant. You are the person I call at 3 AM when I can't sleep because my first love is falling apart. You are the person I wish I could pack in my suitcase and bring to Savannah with me. You are the only person I will listen to when everyone tells me a boy is bad news for me. You are the person I always make time to see whenever I come to Burlington, even if it's just for a few minutes. 

I love you, jizzbag. You're my person. Happy best friend day. 

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