July 22, 2016

10: random

Daisies are really my favorite flowers of all time, but dahlias come in at a close second. 

In middle school, I used to collect two things: Jones soda bottles (because of all the cool pictures on the labels!) & Converse All-Star sneakers. 

The last concert I went to was the 102.1 Snow Show with Rise Against, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and (my entire reason for going) My Chemical Romance TEN YEARS AGO. 

Whenever I grocery shop, I usually buy things in pairs, and then I'm annoyed when Justin wants three different kinds of ice cream. ;)

I'm rediscovering my forgotten love for cereal. 

Since I got my new glasses, I feel like my self confidence has skyrocketed. 

When I was little, I lost a baby tooth eating chocolate chip pancakes and my mom still has the very distraught letter I wrote to the tooth fairy. 

I hate when people leave the keyboard click sounds ON on their phone. 

Nothing beats the rush of finding something amazing at the thrift store. 

And now I have to go get blankets and towels from the dryer. ;) Happy Friday!

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