July 21, 2016

oldie but a goodie

July 21, 2010 — every time i go to the library, i make it a ritual to walk up and down the aisles, running my hands along the books before i look for anything specific. tonight i happened to find the book reckless driver by lisa vice, and an unquiet mind: a memoir of moods & madness by kay redfield jamison, which was a recommendation made to me by my therapist. i'm excited to read them after i finish extremely loud & incredibly close by jonathan safran foer.

Looking back at my first 365 always makes me at least seven different kinds of nostalgic. This was a good memory to come back to, especially because going to the library always reminds me of my grandma. When I was little, I would always try to bring home a stack of books as tall as I was. She always set a limit of 5 books, and she always promised we could come back for the rest of the library after I finished those 5 books. 

I miss my grandma. 

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