August 26, 2016


I was productive today, if you ignore the fact that I slept until 11:45 this morning. I had to battle with the post office and their horrible parking to get my dad's mail forwarded to me. I stopped at the funeral home to pick up death certificates. Then I bee-lined for the Coffee House because mama needed a pick me up. (Caramel turnover with 4 shots of espresso, I owe you my soul.) One of my dad's friends changed my oil today, and told me the sad news that my POS probably won't make it through the winter. She also got a new nickname... The Rust Bucket. Then I went to pay my phone bill and stopped at Adrian's to get a quart of Pistachio Almond. When I got home I watched TV with my mom's boyfriend Bruce, and then I got my dad's thank you cards from the funeral done. 67 envelopes, addressed, stuffed, sealed, and stamped over the last three days. Now it's time for a shower, my pjs, and Scandal. Happy Friday!

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