August 17, 2016

miss you, dad

July 16, 1958 - August 17, 2016

The world lost a good man today. A muscle car fanatic. A true race car driver. I lost my father. The best dad ever. The dash still doesn't feel real. 


I love you. I'm still trying to process this. I still can't fathom that we won't get anymore garage hangs or days at the laundromat. Folding clothes and the smell of gas and oil will always remind me of you. Every time I see a muscle car now, I'll know you're watching over me. I miss you, dad. 

These words don't feel like enough, but right now they're all I have. I love you.  I wish we had more time. Thank you, dad, for teaching me how to ride a bike. For teaching me how to drive a car in Dyer's parking lot. For always listening to me when I needed someone. And for always giving me the best pep talks. 

I love you, Padre. Forever & ever. 

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