September 14, 2016

currently, september edition

listening to A Day to Remember's new album on repeat

crying because McD's espresso machine was down this morning & I wanted hot coffee

enjoying this late summer morning light though!

cranking through the endless amount of paperwork for my dad's insurance and benefit plans

thinking about time and memory a lot, in terms of "Wow, how many more times am I going to remember this one particular moment from my childhood that feels like a lifetime ago already?" 

trying my hardest to cut soda & only drinking one cup of coffee a day

fighting off ghosts from my past that are wandering around in my head

dreaming of fall leaves and hoodie weather (it's still in the 60s most days so we're not quite there yet!)

watching Scandal by myself & Naruto: Shippuden with Justin

feeling everything and then nothing all at once, and most days, it's absolutely exhausting

wearing the necklace my family gave me at my dad's funeral every day

missing him constantly

wishing that Mercury would come out of retrograde ;)

researching dental insurance & dentists

"adulting" really well these days, despite how scary it is (take that, anxiety!)

hoping for a good rest of the week

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