September 11, 2016

front and center

If I have learned anything this week, it's that I take pictures to center myself. On Wednesday, midway to Burlington, Justin and I had to turn around because my car started shaking really badly and was making a squealing noise. We stopped at a McD's inside a gas station because we were hungry and I needed to put air in my tires. Instead of capital F-freaking out about getting home okay and having to find a new car, I took a deep breath and took pictures. 

Yesterday I was crabby after work. Leave it to the sun to fix that. Late summer sunlight is my favorite. Yesterday turned out to be a GOOD DAY. Got to work with my beans & after work we all went to McD's for coffee and then went to Good Will. I got a shirt, a Starbucks Christmas mug, a (new) set of tweezers, and This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald for $10. It was a good ending to a shaky week. 

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