September 26, 2016

long time no blog!

First things first, I said goodbye (for now; I still have to clean it out) to my Oldsmobile Alero today. My dad got it from an old roommate of his and fixed it up just for me. (And then continued to fix it for me every time something broke down. ;)) That car will always be special to me because of the fact that it came from my dad. But really, after five years & 110,000 miles, there's a reason it was nicknamed The POS. 

I went straight to the DMV today and magically, half an hour before closing, there wasn't a line. I had to fill out a couple of forms for the car, and then retake my license picture so I could update my address (3 years after I moved to Waupaca #oops). In my work shirt, no makeup, with my bangs plastered to my forehead, no less. I forked over $200 and walked out a happy Anna.

Also, today was the last day of my 4 day opening stretch and I have to close tomorrow night which means: HELLO SLEEP. 

Monday, I love you. Thank you for being one of the good ones. 

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