October 12, 2016

gratitude list

Thankful for... rainbows in the drive through lane at work, pockets of sunlight in fresh puddles, a recent bout of 70 degree weather (followed by rain all day today), snuggles from the Mew kitty, Scandal & That 70's Show when my brain is too chaotic to focus on anything, COFFEE (I drank two cups today!), thirty second dance parties, 80's music, being hyper after my coffee has kicked in and trying to get all of my coworkers to dance with me, sweater weather, having two blankets on the bed again, grocery store pumpkins, feeling more present in my day to day life, inspiration, living in a state with seasons, saying "I love you" before the end of every phone call, pretty skies on all the "last days" that I can remember, light and shadow and how it always calms my soul, friendship, vulnerability, weird dreams (and dreammoods for when they get really weird), the sun, the moon, everything I have grown away from and out of, all of my past selves and the person that I have yet to become. 

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