November 01, 2016

hello november

Thankful for... HEART SHAPED SUNGLASSES. I ordered them a few weeks ago from Zenni and then forgot about them until they showed up in the mail on Saturday. The last time I had prescription sunglasses I think I was in seventh grade. I'm so in love with them, I never want to take them off. 

Thankful for... my new (to me) sneakers. $8 from Good Will, originally from Aldo. I love them, and it's nice not to have to wear my work shoes all the time if I want to wear tennis shoes. 

Thankful for... 66 degrees on November 1. The trees are almost done changing, but I'm going to treat every day I can still go outside in a tshirt like a gift. I shudder to think that January will be here soon and I will be longing for these warm, Indian summer days. 

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