January 16, 2017

currently: january

feeling accomplished af if I drink an entire cup of coffee while it's still warm these days

thinking about the wholeness of unconditional love and it's power to either bond people together or tear them apart completely

taking pictures of Justin & Mew when Justin first wakes up for the day is my new favorite thing

crying at the end of almost every single episode of Parenthood 

appreciating every time it gets above 20 degrees and doesn't snow

shaking my fist at Mother Nature for the freezing rain right now

counting down the days until spring (63!)

jumping from first shift to second shift and back again

wishing I had an actual sleep schedule back

craving homemade chex mix & grandma's baked goods

missing my best friends, old and new

trying to make time to be creative again—whether that's just coloring in a coloring book or writing in a journal

smiling at the newness of every January

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