March 28, 2017

a death in the family

My Adrian's family, that is. 

Betty, the woman standing next to me in the picture, was the night manager at that little frozen custard stand for over 20 years. She was hired by the original owners, Jim & Darlene Adrian, to keep Brigette (two down from Betty) and her coworkers in line when Brigette worked there in high school. Brigette and her husband bought Adrian's from Jim & Darlene, and Betty came with the building. She was a staple of the Burlington community. 

Betty passed away this morning. 

She truly was a badass woman. Sassy. Smart. Full of wisdom and experience. And my god, Betty could talk. You'd pop in to Adrian's just to say hi and you would end up standing at the window for a good half an hour or more. She always knew what she wanted and got it—no nonsense, no frills. That was Bettty. 

I still think of her stash of TV dinners kept in the freezer at work every time I go down the frozen entree aisle at the grocery store.

I think of her every time I work second shift and drink coffee at Hardee's. Every day when Betty got to Adrian's, as soon as she unpacked her purse, giant tote bag, and rolling suitcase full of stuff, she would make a pot of coffee at 4 pm, and still be drinking it when we closed the stand six hours later. 

I hope they serve Maple Walnut custard in heaven and she has all the coffee she can drink. Betty Lou, Adrian's will not be the same without you. Thank for the last 8 years of enriching my life. You will forever be missed. 

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