March 10, 2017

burlington makes me nostalgic af.

Bike rides up and down the sidewalk with my dad. Sitting in my bedroom with Noelle, just talking for hours and hours. Town fryer French toast. Staying up all night just to go get Lucky Star breakfast at 6 AM. Coloring at the kitchen counter with my grandma. The summer we had the trampoline in the backyard. Bike rides with my cousins all throughout the neighborhood. Running around with my camera and tripod in the middle of my (very) residential street. Making a time capsule with Brittany and burying it in the yard. Snowball fights with Bubba. Countless summers spent in the Ad Room at the 'Loft. Kissing a boy in the stairway leading to the wrestling room at the middle school. All my middle school dance polaroids. Drives to Lake Geneva with Shannon and Noelle on early release days after I got my license—we'd either get coffee or Coldstone and take a walk on the beach. Adrian's runs. That time I got hit in the parking lot and the lady who hit me accused me of not even being old enough to drive. Hanging out in the garage with my dad. Driving to Kenosha, chain-smoking cigarettes with Bryce. Sitting at George Webb's for hours, talking with Shantal & Allie, because anything was better than being home at the time. 

Little things that all add up to big ones. Love. 

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