April 15, 2017

new year, new project

When I was at Walgreens a few weeks ago, I picked up this planner. I had grand plans for it. Last night after Justin went to bed, I broke out my glue stick and markers and made this little planner into my next year long project. 

The monthly spreads at the beginning is my attempt at being organized. I wrote down major holidays and birthdays in black marker. Everything else—activities, my work schedule, deadlines and due dates will get penciled in as they happen. Ultimately, I want this section to reflect what I did by my next birthday. 


After the monthly spreads are weekly spreads broken down into daily bubbles. I'll be using this space to journal what I did each day or what I'm thankful for or just whatever comes out of my head. I want it to be a space for me to write and not feel pressured. 


The rest of this little book is blank note pages, an address section and a place to handwrite your usernames & passwords so they don't get lost. The plan right now is to turn this section into a little scrapbook of sorts, with photos and trinkets and memorabilia from different events. 

I'm so excited about this little planner and this method of documentation. I can't wait to see how it looks at the end of the year. 

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