May 05, 2017

what a day.

I woke up this morning to a rejection email from the company I interviewed with last week. I literally took two sips of my coffee and then felt that anxious knot start to tighten around my heart. Not today, I thought, and from there I was on a mission of self care. 

I showered because I was too tired after work to do it last night before I went to bed. I listened to my friday playlist and danced it out to "Where Does the Good Go?" while washing my hair. The hot water relaxed my muscles and coaxed them into waking up so I could start my day. I pulled back the shower curtain to grab a towel when I was done and was greeted with an enthusiastic "MEW-row" from my shower audience of one, no doubt asking me for an encore. 

I read milk & honey by rupi kaur cover to cover this morning in a little under an hour. Two hundred pages of pure emotion. It made my heart feel better. "These things happen," I reminded myself. "Discovering your passion takes time."


Justin had a date with the dentist at 2:45 today. We had to drive an hour there and an hour home for a 35 minute appointment. (And a stop at Subway because we were starving.) Unlike last time, I was prepared and had back up directions just in case. ;) The good news though is that in 4-6 weeks, depending on how long it takes his insurance to process all the information, we will be finally scheduling a date for his surgery. 

Once we got back to Waupaca, I dropped Justin off at home and went to run errands: pick up paycheck, bank, gas station, and then a little bit of fun. I went to Riverside Park in search of the pink tree that usually blooms this time of year. Close, but no cigar. So I'll be going back every couple of days to check on it. 

All in all, today was a pretty good Friday. 

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