July 20, 2017

currently, july edition

journaling at the kitchen table every morning while I wait for my coffee to brew

snapchatting my morning coffee pour and my stroll through the backyard

dancing to either pop punk or bubblegum pop music all day every day

writing about why I write (essay coming soonish!)

immersing myself in the words of inspiring ladies like 
hannah & sarah beth

shopping for protein shakes and ibuprofen for poor Justin

getting used to the change in his voice and the way he talks without teeth

feeling very "blah" and melancholy all day

watching a marathon of all of Justin's fav TV Shows: Kind of the Hill, Deadliest Catch, Life Below Zero, The Simpsons, South Park, Cops, and American Dad

impulse buying a cute new dress to make up for feeling blah & the (mostly) bad TV

admiring the dwindling garden section at shopko while it's still around 

stopping at McD's for a mcdouble & a 'free with any purchase' caramel frappe 

keeping my one little word, care, at the forefront right now

reminding myself daily to celebrate the little victories, and that the darkness won't last forever 

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