July 14, 2017

i would like to think timmy the tooth would be proud

(Because I'm PROUD AS HELL of Justin for having the courage to finally get his teeth pulled!)

Today was surgery day. The big red circle on the calendar that has been looming over our heads since the end of May is finally over and done with... almost. Our original goal for today was to extract every tooth in Justin's mouth, and we're only about 80% there. He has 7 teeth left and SO MUCH GAUZE in his mouth. 


I want to remember... 

...getting up early this morning (I only snoozed my alarm twice!). 

...showering to wake myself up before I made myself an entire pot of coffee to combat my already shot to hell nerves.

...journaling at the kitchen table while drinking my first cup of coffee. 

...accidentally waking Justin up by making cigarettes for our mini road trip, and him grumbling something about me waking him up in half an hour. 

...putting the wrong address in my GPS and we ended up at the hospital instead of the oral surgery clinic so we ended up being a few minutes late. 

...smiling awkwardly at the hygienist when they called Justin back and he was in the bathroom. 

...telling him, "Squeeze my hand as hard as it hurts" before they put his IV in (A line from one of my fav TV shows, My So-Called Life). 

...kissing him before I had to go sit in the waiting room and thinking, "Wow, that was the last time I'm going to kiss him with those teeth." 

...sitting in the waiting room for approximately 5 minutes before venturing out to my car for my thermos of coffee and an Instagram picture to take. 

...matching my thermos+sweater combo to the field of flowers behind the surgeon's office. 

...restlessly switching between checking Facebook & Instagram, updating snapchat, and trying to read my current book

...smiling as soon as I saw Justin awake but groggy in the recovery room. 

...nodding and shaking my head in place of actual words because I was overwhelmed with information as they went over the after care procedures with me. 

...driving home in silence because I was too anxious and, as previously mentioned, Justin's mouth is too full of gauze to talk right now. 

...texting Justin's family updates during the longest 10 minute wait at Walgreens for Justin's pain meds and antibiotics. 

...Justin writing on post-its stolen from the dentist's office and sticking them all over me and the cats as a way to communicate. 

...running to Kmart for a new pillow, new blanket, and ice packs galore. 

...Justin laying down with the Mew cat and her sort of taking it because I think she knows something is wrong with him. 

...running to Dollar General two separate times in half an hour, once for a water bottle and twice for a new box fan. 

...coming home for a Cops marathon and taking care of my baby. 

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