My name is Anna. I'm twenty-five years old, and I live in central Wisconsin with my fiancé, Justin, and our cats, Whiskers, and Mew. 

I'm a photographer at heart. In 2006, after a traumatic experience, I picked up a camera as a coping method and have been running with it ever since. I attended the Savannah College of Art & Design for 6 months after high school and learned a lot about creativity and what it means to me. In 2010, I completed a 365 day self portrait challenge and I have been in love with the art of self portraiture ever since. Self portrait therapy is a real thing and it's one of my best coping mechanisms when times are tough.

When I started this blog, I had storing my photos in mind. It was a space for rolls of film, client shoots, and random adventure days with my friends. In 2013, I started documenting what I wore in self portrait shoots. In 2014, I moved on from ootd's and fashion blogging and got more in touch with my crafty side. This blog looks a lot like my head, jumping from one thing to the next, and it feels like it always keeps me on my toes.

I love binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, knitting, painting, and finding magic in the every day. I have an unhealthy infatuation with winged eyeliner and bold lipstick. My favourite colours are turquoise, coral, and orange. I need a substantial amount of coffee every morning to not go crazy. I am very much in love with this little life of mine.