My name is Anna. I'm twenty-six years old, and I live in central Wisconsin with my fiancé, Justin, and our cats, Whiskers (aka The Kitten) and Mew.

Morning is my favorite time of day... Did the coffee pictures fool you? I love my red glasses, my kitty cats, light parties, drinking coffee, thirty-second dance parties, and finding magic in the mundane. My favorite color is pink. I take pictures of flowers at the grocery store. I have a love affair with the sun and shadows. I'm a fan of bright color and texture and clean lines.

Now you may be wondering... Anna, what is your blog about? And that, my dear, is the real question.

This space I have carved out on the Internet is a little bit of everything, tbh. Photography is a constant. Words are a constant. Little adventures I take with Justin or my friends here and there are thrown in. My dabbles in knitting, scrapbooking, and painting make the occasional appearance as well. The content here changes as I do. This blog has always grown with me, and for that, I am so grateful.