June 23, 2011

chocolate peanut butter banana pops

today noelle & i made chocolate peanut butter banana pops from this recipe! they turned out absolutely delicious.
one bowl has milk chocolate, the other has non-dairy dark chocolate for my little vegan.
we rolled 4 in walnuts, 4 in granola, and left the other 2 plain.
finished product! they were so delicious.
we combined the leftover walnuts & granola with our chocolate-peanut butter mixture to make a tasty snack while we were waiting for them to freeze
MY DOG LOVES BANANAS, so he was definitely all over this whole cutting the ends off of the bananas thing.
i had so much fun with noelle today. expect more cooking adventures in the future! :)
xo, anna

June 21, 2011

father's day!

a few photos from past and present memories of my padre.
racing was always something my dad & i were interested in. this is me in his race car :)
some photos from this father's day!
half cheese & pepperoni for me, half cheese & sausage for mi padre.
my dad installed an 8-track player in his monte! we listened to bob segar on the way to lunch...
...and then the beatles on the way home from lunch! woo-hoo.
meet gary, my new bike! padre won him in a storage auction, and he was just sitting in the garage. we went to his house so i could take photos for some craigslist listings he wanted to post, and i fell in love.
i hope you all had a lovely weekend. :)
xo, anna

June 17, 2011

burlington garden center

when i did my spring blossoms shoot a couple of weeks ago, the garden center said that in order for me to do the shoot, there was a stipulation: i had to take some photos for them too.
(translation: here's more flower photos, as if this blog didn't have enough of them already.)

i hope you all enjoy your father's day weekend!
xo, anna

June 02, 2011

farmers market + salvo

thursday i went to the farmer's market with lucy (noelle) and jake on a mission to find some fresh asparagus for mi madre. i saw my friend rachel & it was good to catch up with her. after the farmer's market, we went to salvation army to bum around. i found a cute dress, tried it on & really liked it, but decided not to get it. skylar & tyler showed up to bum around with us. it's nice to be around friends.

prepare for lots of flowers~
the dress i almost bought

...i love mugs.
after a hectic day at work, it was nice to have some time with friends.
xo, anna