May 27, 2012

chocolate fest 2k12

this weekend has been crazy! my town holds a chocolate festival every year on memorial day weekend and i try to stay out of it as much as possible, aside from working at adrian's... yesterday i went to the craft fair they always hold in the park across the street from adrian's. they had a lot of cool booths and i ran into some people that i haven't seen in a really long time.

my mom's friend sandy does glass etchings & jewelry making... i had a lot of fun photographing her work!

THIS BOOTH WAS SO COOL. everything in here was made from spoons. :) i might go back and get a spoon ring later on today.

after the craft fair yesterday, i went home to make dinner with my momma and then i ventured down to chocolate fest. i can't resist all the lights and the crowds and the food and the creepy carnies.

we ran into tom barrett and this lady practically trampled us just to be the first to shake his hand... it was crazy!

we went through the fun house twice just so i could take pictures in all of the mirrors.

the ferris wheel will never not be my favourite carnival attraction EVER.

bryce & i watched one of my cousins get hypnotized last night before the real reason we came to chocolate fest... KATIE TODD. she was fantastic and adorable and I GOT TO GO SING ON STAGE WITH HER. listen to some of her music here.

katie todd! asdf, she's so adorable.

she was practically giving away mugs... so now i know what i'm drinking my coffee out of every morning. :)

i had so much fun this weekend! my first whole weekend off since adrian's opened back in march... it's been refreshing to not have to worry about work and just have fun.
xo, anna


  1. ugh i love your photography so freaking much and sometimes I just drive and think about it randomly (especially because I was in Savannah this weekend), anyway, i love these details and portraits and everything.

  2. The craft fair looks so lovely through your lens, Anna. I wish I could find so many dream cathers, all colorful and distinctintly different from each other, in one place! I have a soft spot for them I guess :)