May 24, 2013

life lately: may

my go-to breakfast lately

justin & i went to see gatsby the weekend it came out and IT WAS AMAZING.
i want to go see it again and again and again.

justin collects coins so we go through a lot of rejects before he finds his copper pennies & silver nickels/dimes, which means we have to turn all the rejects in every couple of months or so.


cheating on adrian's... but i don't really have a choice. #adriansissues

we spent the day exploring the beach earlier this week.
it was a nice feeling to have sand in between my toes again.

life lately is up a bit early because i'm going home for chocolate fest this weekend and need to clear out my memory cards. this month has been a lot of flowers, golden hour photoshoots, exploring & being silly after work with justin. i'll be back with a chocolate fest post when i get back to waupaca on sunday!

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