November 17, 2013

around here

We've been living here for a month now. My wax warmer was the first thing I unpacked, and it's getting its fair share of usage lately. I've packed up all my summer scents and bringing back my spicy, comforting scents. "Spice Market" just smells like fall, and lately I've been slipping in a bit of vanilla to take the edge off because sometimes that smell gives Justin a headache. He's been hiding pennies in drawers and making mashed potato bowls in the oven for dinner. I've been falling head over heels for morning light since we've moved in here. There is a lot to be said for while walls and uncovered windows. I've also been living in my brown boots lately... Fall just calls for boots and these are my go-tos.

It doesn't seem like November should be half over yet. I'm looking forward to spending my first Thanksgiving with Justin and his family in the coming weeks.


  1. wow these photos are so pretty!
    and great blog you have here!


    ♥ Ellen
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  2. what a lovely post and such romantic writing. i love your photography-so much texture. i, too, have been loving scents of spice with a little bit of vanilla. warm fragrance always makes my home feel cozier. you have a really lovely blog. it has a welcoming, almost intimate feel. so glad to have discovered you :)