November 29, 2013

around here

My go-to breakfast lately has been Multi-grain Cheerios and lemon tea.

Downtown is decorated for Christmas already, which makes me want to wear my gold loafers non-stop.

My brown boots again... They've become my favourite boots since my beloved grey ones bit the dust.

Hazy sunsets & good makeup days are my favourites. Justin made a comment the other day that I was taking too long in the bathroom and I said, "Do you know how long it takes to get winged eyeliner perfect? A LONG TIME." He laughed at me... dumb boys.

The ice that appears on our windows at night has become one of my favourite things to photograph, because there's usually a different pattern every night. I have to learn to find good things in winter, otherwise these next 5 months are going to be very very long.

I hope you all had a splendid Thanksgiving!

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  1. so beautiful beautiful beautiful in every way