November 03, 2013


wearing these gold glitter shoes I thrifted the other day

living in my red scarf

waiting for our furniture for the apartment to be delivered in two weeks

finishing unpacking little odds & ends

reading harry potter, because I promised myself when we unpacked that I would read it again

munching on Starburst, my go-to candy lately

scheming a few new blog series & a new photo adventure for 2014

listening to a lot of Wild Child (free download of their first album here)

needing a good hair colour stripper... this red has got to go

missing my best friends & familiar streets

lamenting that adrian's closes for the season today

craving a caramel apple sundae & pumpkin custard

experimenting with my new too faced "a few of my favourite things" palette

rediscovering my love for light and shadows

working on a budget plan for the rest of the year

catching up on grey's anatomy

thinking a lot about time & how much things have changed

drinking apple cinnamon tea & lots of hot cocoa

loving all the inspiration that has struck lately

Inspired by the lovely ladies at enJOY it, the little red house, and bluebirdbaby!

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