March 31, 2013

denim daze

{ denim & t-shirt ~ thrifted ; leggings ~ walmart ; boots ~ lane bryant }

it's chilly and windy here, but i'm enjoying our easter festivities. we're cooking out tonight... i've never really been one to like a traditional easter dinner. i'm so happy it's spring.

{ eyes ~ naked palette, rimmel scandel-eyes gel eyeliner, maybelline pulse perfection mascara ;
lips ~ covergirl lip perfection lipstick in tempt }

{ necklace ~ thrifted }

i love this chevron necklace. it adds the perfect pop.

happy easter everyone!

25 weeks

my best friend is pregnant! i'm going to be an auntie! she's having a beautiful little baby boy, baby S, and last night we took some maternity pictures.

this pose i've been doing all the time at work lately... i don't know why, but i love it.

i hope everyone has a very happy easter. and it finally feels like spring, yay!

March 26, 2013

tele, taling, telink

{ cardigan ~ old navy ; shirt ~ jcpenney ; pants ~ thrifted ; moccasins ~ minnetonka }

i picked up these awesome teal pants when noelle and i went thrifting last night. they're a bit long for me, but i love the colour and the fit of them too much to be worried about the length.

it felt really really good to get out of the house for half an hour and have uninterrupted time to take pictures today. sometimes i forget how therapeutic it is to just go out and take photos because you want to.
i love self portrait therapy.

also: i need new moccasins. these ones are almost 5 years old and they're starting to get holes in the soles. :(

{ necklaces ~ thrifted }

{ eyes ~ maybelline new york pulse perfection mascara ;
lips ~ revlon lip butter in raspberry pie }

i dyed my hair sunday night... it was supposed to be a really warm brown, but there was a lot of red in my hair still so it turned a pretty auburn colour and i love it a lot.

March 24, 2013

rust & roots

{ sweater ~ walmart ; dress ~ katia via ebay ; leggings ~ walmart ;
boots ~ lane bryant ; necklace ~ boyfriend }

i can get used to this whole "coming home from work and it's still light out" thing.
i took these last night with my new dress i got off of ebay. i love it.

as much as i love my red hair, i bought a box of brown dye last night. now i'm debating on whether or not i want to dye it brown because i really really do love my red hair... but my roots are horrendous. i don't know what do!

today is a lazy day... i'm helping my mom make homemade sauce, cleaning my room, and watching grey's anatomy. happy sunday!

March 22, 2013

gibson tucks & owls

{ cardigan ~ thrifted ; shirt & skirt ~ old navy ; tights ~ walmart ;
boots ~ lane bryant ; necklaces ~ thrifted, target, boyfriend }

today we had to put my cat down. i miss him, but i know he's in a better place now.

gibson tucking my hair has been my go-to hair style lately, for the past couple of years actually. it's so easy and it always ends up looking so cute.

{ eyes ~ naked2 ; lips ~ covergirl lip perfection in spellbound ;
nails ~ covergirl outlast stay brilliant in my papaya//hard candy crush on gold }

March 20, 2013

emily & heidi

i had a quick little shoot with emily & heidi tonight. :) today was technically the first day of spring, but it felt like below zero today. it's so cold!

March 19, 2013

my first pair of leggings

{ hat ~ hot topic ; necklace ~ deb? ; grey sweater ~ walmart ; 
green sweater ~ thrifted ; leggings ~ walmart ; boots ~ lane bryant }

last night i bought my first pair of leggings. i know, i've been living under a rock.
this may have been one of my more dangerous purchases in a while... now i don't know if i'm ever going to want to put real pants on ever again.

it's still cold, much to my dismay. a balmy 13*. spring, oh spring, where are you?

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ covergirl lip perfection lipstick in spellbound }

i don't know whether to take advantage of the snow and the snuggly weather while it's still around or to hope and wait and wish and pray for spring.

March 15, 2013

technicolour dream shoes

{ cardigan ~ old navy ; necklace ~ boyfriend ; tshirt ~ walmart
jeans ~ old navy ; shoes ~ converse }

i love finding shoes that i've forgotten about. this was one of those cases.
when i was in eighth grade, i got my first pair of converse, and my obsession spiraled from there. all in all, my collection spanned across basic black, to plaid and argyle, to these rainbow shoes. now i only usually wear my converse to work because they're comfortable, but i unearthed my rainbow ones from the back of my closet today and i forgot how much i love them.

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ revlon lip butter in raspberry pie }

{ nails ~ hard candy's crushed on gold }

i wish this dreary weather would end. i want spring, i want sunshine and green leaves and warmer temperatures. hopefully within the next couple of weeks it'll warm up.

March 11, 2013

california day 2: yosemite

day two started out with bottled starbucks and ended with my first in-n-out experience (and probably my last; i wasn't very impressed)... and squashed in the middle was yosemite!

california has such pretty roads. they're curvy and twisty and hilly and beautiful.
we stopped at a few various vista points along the way to take pictures.


lake don pedro & "the rim of the world" vista

for breakfast, we stopped at PJ's cafe in groveland on the way to yosemite. amy got bacon & eggs, i got french toast, and then we got back on the road.

my ears hurt so much as we drove up through the mountains into the park. the roads were curvy and flanked by trees and as we got deeper into the park, the temperature dropped enough for there to still be snow on the ground. it reminded me of home.

half dome & el capitan.

i couldn't resist taking pictures of the cute stuff in the gift shop. and i got a sweatshirt from yosemite.

we had to stop and see yosemite falls, and the trails to the viewing areas were so pretty.

our last stop of the day was bridalveil falls. it was downpouring by then, so i only had time to take a couple of very quick selfies.

the sun decided to come out on our way home so we stopped and took pictures of the scenery.

yosemite was such a beautiful park, and it was also my reason for coming to california in the first place. my friend amy wanted a picture to hang above her couch, so hopefully she has quite a few options from these.

i'm back to having two jobs again and i'm still working out my schedules, but i'll get back to ootd's and stuff soon!