February 07, 2014


Breakfast is often my favourite meal of the day. It's routine, it's familiar, it's comforting. I know I'm going to have a good day when I sit down to enjoy my morning and eat breakfast. Lately, breakfast has consisted of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, maple brown sugar or apple cinnamon oatmeal (with extra cinnamon) or my go-to breakfast cereal: Cheerios. Sometimes I mix it up and make peanut butter toast for breakfast, or if it's a special occasion (like Thanksgiving) I go the extra mile and get up really early and make cinnamon rolls or french toast or pancakes.

Breakfast always reminds me of my grandma. When I was little, she would get me up in the morning and get me ready for school and she would always make sure I ate breakfast. Whether it was cereal, oatmeal or toast, she always made sure I started my morning right. When I had a big test or school musical auditions or something super important, she always got up early and made me something extra special. Usually my breakfast of choice on those days was chocolate chip pancakes... Mmmm.

Mornings are my fave, basically. I'm in love with morning light, I'm in love with breakfast, I'm in love with calm and quiet and still.

#annalovesbreakfast might become a thing on Instagram... we'll see. ;)
(Week 6/52!)

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