May 15, 2014

on my walk: from where i stand

I think the recent nice weather and appearance of spring has inspired me to get healthier. I've made it my mission to take more walks, do more yoga, and drink more water. To motivate me to take walks more often, and to make them longer when I have the time, I've noticed bringing my big girl camera with me (instead of just my iPhone) makes me want to make this a habit.

Let's talk about these shoes for a second. I used to be obsessed with collecting Converse All-Star sneakers. At its peak, my collection spanned 12 pairs of brightly coloured shoes. I wore them all the time: to school, to work, during PE, on weekends. They were my go-to shoe. These are the sole remaining survivors. I've had them since high school and always seem to forget about them in the back of my closet so they're not even properly broken in. I forgot how much I love them.

And I forgot how much I love photo walks. I'm excited to make this into a little series. :)

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  1. Sunrise shoes! My boyfriend only wears Converse, but he wears boring grey ones =/