July 02, 2014

cloud watching

For the my seventh birthday, my parents surprised me with a trampoline. They set it up while I was at school one day and I couldn't even begin to contain my excitement when I got out of the car and saw it sitting in the backyard. The trampoline became my number one source of entertainment after school and that summer until we had to get rid of it. All the girls in my class came over and we jumped on the trampoline at my birthday party. When it got hot outside, my cousins and I would beg my grandma to set up the sprinkler underneath it so we could put our swim suits on and jump to our heart's content. Even better than the jumping though were the times of solitary quiet, when I used to lay out on the trampoline and watch the clouds go by.

Now sometimes, I lay on my bedroom floor right in front of the window and watch them float along. I'm still fascinated by the shapes and whisps and shadows they create. These pictures were all taken from my bedroom window over the span of about 3 months, starting from one of the first nice days in April where I was able to open the windows and sit and look at the sky with my coffee one morning to July 1, where I was laying on the floor in my bedroom sky watching and liked the cloud shape enough to take a photo. I love the way these look in a grid, and if I ever get my life together enough to do Project Life I think this would look awesome as an insert.

Happy cloud watching!

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