July 09, 2014

i love: mornings

This year, I became a coffee drinker. I also became a morning person. I relish that hour I get to myself sitting on the floor in my bedroom drinking my coffee and watching the sky change before I get ready to start my day, whether that means getting ready for work or going to run errands. It's absolutely quiet save the ticking of the clock on my bookshelf and the gurgling of my coffee maker.
Three days a week, I have rituals that all happen over my morning coffee. Sundays, I read PostSecret, which is something I've been doing every Sunday since middle school. Every Monday morning, I receive the Monday email from Hannah Brencher which is always a good pep talk to start my week on the right foot. Wednesday morning coffee always calls for Elise's podcast, Elise Gets Crafty--perfect creative, small business related talk to keep my creative mind moving.
If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen all the coffee pictures. I try to snap a picture somewhere in the span of my two cups of coffee, and I'm planning on making them all into a coffee table book at the end of the year.

Mornings really are my fave.

Coffee maker: Gift from Justin's mom (similar), Coffee canister, JCPenney camera, Yaschica full automatic camera, flower vase, "For yesterday is but a dream..." art: Thrifted, Glitter balls: Pick N' Save last Christmas, Anscoflex camera: Gift from my mom's boyfriend, Dried flowers: #onmywalk memorabilia, Flower mug: Found at a rummage sale, Clock: Justin's, 14000 things to be happy about, Revolutionary Road, Tomorrow  (links throughout are affiliate so if you purchase something I receive a small commission)

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