August 21, 2014


I love both of these pictures. Taken 3 summers apart, and each of them have something special about them.

The top photo was taken on Saturday when I danced in the rain. I miss self portraits. Not having a tripod or a remote is killing me, so I balanced my camera on the hood of my car and hoped for the best. It felt so awesome to remember I can still take self portraits if I want to... I just have to get a little more creative with my set ups.

The bottom photo was the photo that got me out of a self portrait rut in 2011. It felt so freeing to dance in the rain for the first time since the summer before I left for college in 2010. The act in and of itself was something that brought my inspiration back and made me feel creative again.

It's funny how dancing in the rain brings out the best in people.

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