December 31, 2014

2k14: a year in review

2014, you have been a killer year. 

I became a morning person this year. I learned to drink coffee and learned to enjoy the special hour every morning that I get all to myself with a cup of coffee and my camera. 

I have made so many things this year. I started painting with nothing more than cheap craft paint and a mile high stack of computer paper. I learned how to knit, both with my fingers and arms as well as needles. It feels like I have abandoned my camera sort of in search of these other creative avenues and I am learning that that is okay.

2014 was the year I got my gallbladder out. It was the year that I searched for answers with Unafraid by my side. And I found all the answers I needed to all the questions 2012 left me with. This last month especially has felt like a sucker punch right to the heart with all the answers toe questions I asked myself and all the hurt I have caused to other people and all the love that I have hollowed out of other people.

2014, you were a good year. The best year in terms of self care and loving myself, being creative, and finding all the magic in the mundane. But you have also hurt more than any other year. It's time to grow up and start taking responsibility for my own actions, and you've taught me that 2014. 

Thank you for all the highs and lows. 

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