February 11, 2015


Recently I've gotten way more into podcasts.

Last April, when Elise Cripe launched her podcast Elise Gets Crafty was when I first really discovered how enjoyable podcasts are. The thing I love about Elise's podcast is that her content always inspires me. She talks about blogging, small business, inspiration, creativity and motivation and every Wednesday morning I sit down with a cup of coffee and get ready to get to work. 

Through Elise, I found Cortnee Loren Brown's podcast Creative Start. As the name suggests, Cortnee interviews creatives about how they got their start. Elise was a guest in episode 3. This podcast gives me a jump start on Tuesday mornings and makes me think about where I started from and what can I do now to make my story better and to make my work better. 

These are really the only two podcasts I ever listen to, but I'm always on the look out for more creative inspiring podcasts. What are you guys listening to lately?

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