May 12, 2015

how I edit iPhone photos

I thought it would be fun to share how I edit and process my iPhone photos and which apps are my favourites. I use my iPhone as my main computer, and so for the last 6 months or so I haven't really touched my big camera at all. This is a step by step process of how I get my photos from straight out of the camera (sooc) to Instagram ready. 

I usually take the photos with either the iPhone camera, TimerCam if I'm trying to get a self portrait, or the camera in the VSCOcam app. After I have the photo I want, I import it into VSCO to edit. My favourite filters to use are B5, C1, F1, and K3. I usually adjust the contrast and exposure and play with the temperature after I've applied the filter. 

Usually, that's the only thing I do to edit my photos. But I wanted to share more than just the VSCO app. I thought this image needed a little more so I opened it in the A Beautiful Mess app to add an emoji stamp in the coffee cup. I like the ABM app to add extras to photos, like borders or text or arrows. It's the app I use to add text to my Magic Monday posts too. 

After I added the emoji stamp in ABM I opened the photo in Afterlight to add a simple circle border around the photo. I could have done this in ABM but I prefer the one in Afterlight because it has a clean edge to it. I increased the circle to give a little negative space all the way around the photo and called it done. Then I saved and posted the photo on Instagram in my #annalovesmornings hashtag.

And that's it! What are you guys using to edit your photos these days?

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