May 13, 2015

wedding wednesday: dresses

I may temporarily become a wedding blog once a week. Maybe. This week I just want to talk about dresses. The middle one is my bridesmaids dress. October wedding, a deep red seems like a fantastic colour, and they come at the right price. Done. 

The other two are dresses that I have been going back and forth and back and forth between for a few weeks now. The one on the left is beautiful and it fits the aesthetic I have in my head about what I want my wedding to be (and the lace! It's beautiful!). And the one on the right is stunning. It's the one where, when I asked my best friend and my mom, they said "The lace one is pretty, but this one screams you." So I'm torn, indecisive, and on a mission to work a bunch of overtime so I can save money to try them both and decide which one I like better. 

It's quite the ride, this planning a wedding thing. I'm loving it so far. 

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